Mat Design

With literally hundreds of mats to choose from, in a bevy of textures and materials, we are sure that we can find a mat combination that makes your art or portraits jump off the wall. 

Computerized Precision

Salt City Custom Framing runs a computerized mat cutter that cuts bevels to the thousandth of an inch. We can precision cut as many openings and layers as you like, and can create ornate corners and shapes if your style requires a little extra. We can cut your team name into a mat if you are having a jersey framed, or add a heart to your mat if you’re framing an old love letter. 

So Many Colors!

When designing mats, our aim is to pick a mat set up that compliments the art without distracting from it. A common practice is to cut a double mat with a neutral color on top and a specific color on the bottom that you would like to pull out of the image. Featuring a specific color can completely alter the feel of a piece of art. Accentuating blues and grey can make a piece feel cooler, while drawing on reds and yellows can make it feel warm. As you scroll through this site, take a look at the mat design in all of the galleries and try to figure out what the client was trying to accomplish with their mat choices. Were they trying to draw your eye to a specific part of the image? Were they trying to pull certain colors from the piece to make it work better in the room that they are hanging it? Did they pick a busy frame and are trying to break up the frame and the art with a neutral space? Good mat design can make a good piece  of art great. 

Take a look at the image comparison above... The blue mat pulls blue out as the dominant color. The image feels a little cooler, and you notice all of the dark blue tones first. The red mat immediately draws the eye to the reds in the horse's body, making the piece feel warmer. Does your eye see a lot more red in the art with the red mat? The blue was the ultimate choice with this piece, as the art was placed in a room with a cooler temperature vibe.

Let’s make it unique!

We can float mount art with mat backgrounds, and can also surround your floating art with floating mat as well. 

We specialize in putting pops of color in unique places with our mats. We can put gold or silver leaf on a mat bevel, paint a mat bevel to match colors in your art, or stack mats with interesting accents like torn paper to make it a custom made masterpiece.

We carry many different textiles like linen, silk and suede, and can add filets to the bevel of the mat to really class it up. Frame choice is the easy part. Mat design is what separates the craftsmen from the big box stores. 

All of our mats are acid free, and should last years without fading and should never damage your art. Many people assume that mats are made from cardboard, but most mats are actually made from cotton. The natural fibers are much better for your art than paper that has been chemically treated and bleached. We carry acid free economy mats, and high end conservation mat board in virtually every color imaginable. Posters and photos are perfect candidates for economy mats and glass. Your irreplaceable art needs conservation quality mats and UV glass to prevent yellowing and fading. The mat boards also keep your art and photos from touching the glass of the frame so they don't stick to the glass when it gets humid. 
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