Photo Printing Restoration & Scanning

Photo Printing

We are proud owners of a fine art printer that can produce incredible photos that use conservation ink that will go over 100 years without yellowing. We can print on a variety of papers to suit the look that you are hoping for.

We are also proud to offer a free print of your photo when you purchase a frame from us. We’ll mount it in your new frame for you so you can simply hang it on the wall without tearing the frame apart first.

Are you an artist who would like to do a run of prints? Are you a photographer that is getting ready for a new festival season? Let us be your printer! We offer simple prints, or since we are a frame shop, we can also package your prints with backing, mats, and cellophane bags. We’d be happy to take the hassle out of selling your art so you can focus on being creative.

Photo Restoration and Retouching
Do you have some old photos that need new life? Do you have some vacation photos that consistently have that awkward European tourist guy with the massive hat and capri pants lurking in every shot? We can remove that guy! We can beautify your old photos. We can frame grab from videos or remove scratches and blemishes from old photographs. check out the comparison sliders below to see examples of what we can do.

Giving an old image new life…

The story behind this image is interesting. This photo was taken in 1954. It was put on a slide and untouched until the early 90s. In the 90’s, it was projected on a wall and the slide show was filmed with an old VHS camcorder.

We digitized the VHS tape, then grabbed a frame from the video. As you can see in the before picture, the original image was rough. Slide the slider back and forth in the example to compare the before and after. 

If you have old slides or paper photos, we can scan them and give you digital or printed copies that really shine.

Gpa OriginalGpa Retouched
Chelsea UntouchedChelsea Retouched

Bye Bye Background Guy!

This beautiful woman may look familiar if you clicked through the About section. This is Chelsea, and it is rare to see her holding a baby in the wild, so I had to grab a shot! The man in the background distract a little though, so he had to go!

Photo Scanning

Ultra HD Scanning…

We are proud owners of a 9600 DPI scanner. High quality prints are 400 dpi. If you have art, photos, slides, negatives, or any other documents that you would like to digitize, we can provide you with scans that are second to none. Our most popular scans are scans of college degrees. We can frame up your degrees, but give you a digital copy of your degree to keep on file. 

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